Cargo Project Gallery is available for rent for solo and group exhibitions, photoshoots, screenings, workshops, presentations, meetings, studio visits, and talks. The space is located inside Rockwall Studios on the back of the building. It is a 212 sq feet space and has a 12-foot tall ceiling. It has dimmable lights, two outlets on each long wall, and wifi. PR packages for exhibitions and events are available upon request.

Dimesions gallery.jpg


Workshops, Classes, Meetings (Mon-Sun)

Photoshoots (Mon-Sun)

One Night Events (Wed-Sun)

One Night Events (Mon-Tue)

$25 per hour

$35 per hour

$175 per night

$150 per night

Weekly discount prices are available for exhibitions.

Workshops, Classes, and Photoshoots minimum booking of 2 hours.

One night events can use the space from 4 pm until 11 pm.

Deposit and rental fee required at booking time.

Payment methods: Venmo and cash.

A full refund of rental fee and deposit will be issued if the event

is canceled with 15 days prior to the event.

If the event is canceled with less than 15 days prior to the events

only the rental fees will be refunded.

All renters will sign a liability waiver and will be responsible for their guest, equipment, artwork, and materials.